If you are a Chattanooga content creator and looking for a great, free way to get exposure for your work then NoogaTV is for you!  Here are some screenshots of our Fire TV and Roku interfaces.

Amazon Fire TV




We don't need no stinkin' categories...

Well, actually we do, and here is how they are laid out.

  • FOOD

The SPOTLIGHT category is where we showcase video that we recommend to viewers.  It is always changing as we receive new content.

The COMMERCIAL category is for local business to showcase their television and internet video on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.**  This is actually how we got the idea for NoogaTV.  We set this up to give our television clients a way to watch our production work in the comfort of their living rooms, just like a customer would see it on TV.  After launching we thought "This is GREAT!"  So we decided to reach out to other local producers and content creators and offer them a way to get their work in front of others that enjoy local content in Chattanooga. If you would like to submit your video content to NoogaTV just fill out the information on our SUBMIT page. In just a few days you can be watching your hard work the way it was meant to be watched - on the big screen TV with all the other programs you love.

**For the commercial category we do have one restriction - we do not accept the animated cartoon videos. Commercial videos must have actual recorded video in them to qualify.

The COMEDY category is for those that are funny.  Like awesome content from the team at Bush League Comedy - they are well done and very funny.  A must see!

Chattanooga is home to many incredible documentary creators and we want them all on NoogaTV. The DOCUMENTARY category shines a light on the subjects that move us all.

Chattanooga has great culinary destinations for locals and tourist. The FOOD Category is where we get a taste of what the scenic city has to offer. New in the food world is Cowboy Joe and the Chattanooga Burger Tours where Chattanooga's favorite burgers are dissected and admired, a must watch for burger-lovers.

FEATURES is the category you can get lost in. This is where we place the long form productions that requires blood, sweat and tears. Larger productions take many talented minds and countless hours of hard work, and obviously it deserves it's own category. This category features work that is over an hour long.

Not every great piece of work has to be feature length. So our SHORT FILMS category is for feature quality work in short form. This category features work that is under an hour.

We all have that friend that doesn't quite fit into the ordinary mold, and that is what the EXTRAS category is all about. Basically if we don't know where to put it - it goes here. So be sure to always browse the extras for a hidden gem that you can share with friends.


To submit video for inclusion on NoogaTV it's easy. Just click the 'Submit' link in the menu and send us information for each video you would like to submit.  We can pull your work from Youtube or Vimeo (if it's unlocked) or a Dropbox link.

There is no cost to place your work on NoogaTV.  And if you need it taken down just let us know and we will remove it.

Got questions? Reach out to us at or give us a call at 423-316-0633

*We do not accept material that promotes gambling, sexual content/nudity, excessive cursing or the use of drugs.

**Video content must contain different camera angles and be produced to some degree